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Santa Cruz is not as expensive as other cities

In common sense, anything that matters is expensive, whether it's gold, silver, or a city. Santa Cruz is an important cultural, tourist, and historical city that is valued around the world. As far as the cost of this city is concerned, it is not as expensive as other cities.

What are expensive cities?

An expensive city is one where groceries are expensive, where clothes are expensive, where shoes are expensive, there is nothing like that. So how did this city become expensive?

As far as private educational institutions and hospitals are concerned, good hospitals and schools are expensive in every city. If your current grocery costs $500 a month, it won't be $1000 in Santa Cruz; it'll be $500 here.

Santa Cruz is not an expensive city at all!

The fact that Santa Cruz is an expensive city must have been spread by some stupid people. I have heard most people say that this city is expensive and another city is cheap. Rates are almost the same for all cities across the country; the only difference is the way every person thinks about things.

The mouths of those who speak cannot be silenced, let them speak out. Use your intellectual approach rather than getting worried about what other people think or say. If you try to act on what people say or think, then you will not be able to live in this world.

Some people will say that Santa Cruz also comes with a breathing bill. So will you agree? No city is expensive if your thinking is not cheap. Cheap-minded people don't see the values of Santa Cruz; they just see it as an expensive city.

High or low expenses depend on your lifestyle

Santa Cruz is not an expensive city. I have lived here for years and I wish my funeral would be in the same city. I am not a spendthrift! I also work hard to earn money. If this city was expensive, I would have left it long ago.
Expenses are related to your lifestyle, not to the city. You can also increase your expenses by adopting a luxurious lifestyle in a rural area. And even in a big modern city, you can reduce your expenses by adopting a simple lifestyle.

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